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Entering a New Diversed and Emerging Market where things are not well set may cause Business Cultural Shock and Confusion to Foreign Entrepreneurs.

For those understandings, we estimate and tailor you the most accurate market target, set you correct buyers, connect you directly to them and represent you to research their requirement and demands in details.

We can visit your sites and have our Manpowers to interact and understand your expectation to give the best consultancy for this Market Research step.

For our dedication and passion to supports, we have used various Searching tools and abilities to match hundreds of target clients during the previous years.


Nội dung tùy chỉnh viết ở đây

Exhibition, Consortium

We organize and support Delegation programs, trade mission events, consortium, and bilateral business meetings for Korean and Vietnamese companies

Trade Mission

Our Trade Mission is to connect and successfully support Businesses from the 2 Economical zones Vietnam- Korea

Online& Offline Support

Please feel free to contact us for our dedicated consultancy. We are the team of both Vietnamese and Korean with strong understanding and researching, experiences in Connecting Business and Legacy matters.

Marketing& Sales Support

We have packages of Marketing and Sales support. We have a strong and proactive Sales Team to approach matching buyers to promote your products and services.

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